Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Christ of the Ozarks. This is so huge, it just takes your breath away!

I have no idea how many scooters are in town, but there must be over a hundred. They are everywhere you look.

They scooter crowd brings in a lot of vendors.

Can't see much from the picture, but I posted this so I'll remember this guy's business. There are a LOT of neat little additions to this 650 Burgman.

A lot of the Scooter riders are somewhat elderly, but the sure seem to be having fun!

Burgman Trike! Bunches of these in town this week. Just right for Toa!

This Helix had a trike kit, it's getting some repairs done.

Poodle on a scooter!

This bike is getting some pin striping done. There are about a dozen vendors here for the scooter rally.

Uni-go trailer behind a scooter.

The main line up beside those out on rides, and those getting work done by the vendors.

That's Jamey T. in the isle at Cycle Gadgets

Melonie and kitty. Cycle Gadgets has 2 kitties and 2 shop dogs.

This little Italian Greyhound had been out in the woods, and had picked up some ticks. She didn't like having them removed...

The older shop dog, she's a real sweetie.

Jamey and Melonie in front of the Thorncrown Chapel.

We had a moments meditation inside the chapel

One Wing, and a bunch of scooters, all triked out. Malachi and Six Pack could turn their "Yellow Wings" into one of these! (when they get older:-)

The old Texaco station in Eureka springs

Here's a house for sale.

Ceiling on the entry way at the Crescent Hotel

Christ of the Ozarks from the Hotel.

Looking down 4 stories from the cafe at the top of the Crescent.

This is a stairwell, the bottom you can see is 4 stories down.

An East Indian cafe in ES.

The above pictures were taken on Spring Stree in ES

There are several alley ways like this in town.

Quick Silvers, before it became "Pogo" :-)

Cat house boutique

Jamey and Melonie going into the Silly Chili

Scorpion~ would like this place. Every brand of hotsauce know to man is sold here.

Back patio at the Silly Chili

More Spring Street stores

We found Brillo hanging in front of this store!

Enough stores..I probably took a hundred more pics than the ones here.

They have music in Basin Park every day. There were 3 different performers (and groups) today, will be 3 different ones tomorrow.

Afternoon at the AIron Horse..

Janie taking a little break

This lady carries her dog along.

Susan's Infinity. It's a beautiful car! It has more buttons, switches and gadgets than I've ever seen in a car!

Excellent breakfast! This is the Silver Spoke at the Iron Horse. Every year there's someone different running the place, Phil and Janie hit the jackpot with this lady!

Al and Margo Pryor. I've know this couple for several years. The have had a few different businesses in Eureka Springs. Was surprised when they walked in here this morning!

One of the ride groups, getting ready to move out....

Cassie rolls in with Cuddles in her back pack.

Wrong Turn, Melonie and Jamey are taking about saddlebags........

Which one is the stuffed animal? :-)

Malachi and Susan are getting ready to mount up for the ride today.

Who IS that rooster??

Looks like the bikes are rolling

They will make Flyin' Willie ride in the know, a Harley thing!

Kim (Flamekillers) car tire. There are several bikes here this year that have gone to "the darkside" (running car tires)

Chad, Jennifer and Bubbles at the registration table.

It was nice of Stewey to haul his trailer down here so he could use it as an anchor for the registration booth.

A new Suzuki cruiser, with lots of chrome and paint. At the Iron Horse, but don't know who it belongs to.

The late shift at the Iron Horse

Susan, Malachi and Waterman.

Mark Hicks, about ready to head for his Kwik Kamp!

Piper and Gary.

Flamekiller, Rem, Stewey and Susan.

Stewey and Susan

Flamekiller checking in with his wife, while reading the newsgroup. Malachi is smiling about something....

A happy Badger

What a crew!

These guys are sitting the rain, looking for an address so Shelby can program it into his Zumo for tomorrow's ride. True dedication!

With a little help, they got it all figured's late, waaaay past my bed time. It's been a fun day!

The front desk in the Crescent Hotel. We made a quick tour through here for Susan, looked for ghosts, found none. This is where you check into the Hotel.

Since there was no food available at the Crescent, we drove through downtown ES, then came back to Sparky's.

I liked the pink Flamingos!

Sparky's is sort of a trendy 50's sort of place.

Susan had a salad and Asiacet(or something like that) Olives.. This is a small sundae for me, since I'd already had dinner :-)

Randy, Evelyn, Rem and...uh oh...There's Trouble!

The Iron Horse deck with bikes in front.

Stewey's trailer...Why is it parked here, and Stewey is parked inside a room? :-)

Flying Willy made it in from the Seattle area! Good to see a PNW patch here!

Lucky Al is doing something important. At least he's trying to look like it's important.

Jennifer White is pulling out on her bike.

People are leaving to look for food.

A token "real" Voyager :-)

The bikes of the "Georgia Boys".. Randy's and Six Pack's Gold Wings. Jack only had 96K on his Classic when he traded it in....he don't ride much:-)

Flyin' Willy (John Wilson) Has a beautiful Road Glide! He still has his Vulcan too.

Moon and Piper.

Jamey T. and Willy

Cheap B., Jamey T., Flyin' Willy, and Malachi.

Stewey bought a RAM mount at Cycle Gadgets today, so he could mount his video camera. He's going to check it out tomorrow.

Slick installation.

Visiting at the Iron Horse.

Reverse and Flamekiller

PNW Patch.

Jennifer wasn't gone long, here she comes again!

Mitch and MoParMan.

Jack, Big Dog, Stewey and Joe

There's Jennifer and a new friend I just met, but can't remember his name. Will get it again!

Malachi with his rooster helmet.

I met Pappy for the first time today.

And did meet MoParMan in Kentucky (I think:-)

Some of the bikes are headed to the ________________Beaver for dinner.

More of the dinner crew. Someone chose the Rowdy Beaver as the destination for dinner tonight, so several are mounting up to ride out to the West side of Eureka Springs to eat.

There's Joel, (Waterman) getting ready to go eat.

Looks like they are ready to leave.

A real Wild Looking bunch. The folks at the Rowdy Beaver will probably be shaking in their boots when this bunch of Bad Bikers come in. :-)

There's even a Harley in the group! Flyin' Willy!

And........Uh Oh...........There goes Trouble! And Jamey T. On the Bass Boat :-)

Jim (Wrong Turn) Ayers taking Mitch's BUBF for a ride.

A couple I haven't met just rode in.

Cassie is here with her wonderdog, Cuddles. They rode in from Kansas with here Sister-in-Law.

Early Thursday morning, and Stewey is pulling his Nomad apart already! I think he just drained the water out of his side cover :-)

Stewey and Toby.

Marc, Joe and Jim visiting after breakfast.

F.L.I.C.K. Shelby, F L I C K.........................

The Iron Horse Stables has a lot of these old signs above the rooms.

Badger in the Silver Spoke Cafe.

Well, I drove, so guess I don't know................

Lucky Al, who's short changing who here..............:-)

Evelyn, Rem, Cassie and Cuddles

I think Badger found a key chain belonging to Marla. I think that is Watchman looking on.

Flamekiller and Moon, working registration.

Raffle tickets are 15 for $5. Kawasaki and other companies donate a lot of goodies, so the raffle tickets bring in a lot of bucks. I don't know yet what the charity is for this year.

Stewey's 64 oz. mug.. He's a good drinker!

Marc (Cheap B, Mr. Clean) thinks he needs a bike like this!

Flip is vroc's newest college student! I'll be he knows more than most of the professors..

Cassie and Marla. and, the wonderdog...

Yes, there are even Vulcan's here!

Thursday morning. By Saturday, this lot will be FULL of vroc bikes.

Phil and Janie have opened the Silver Spoke for Breakfast and Lunch.

Cycle Gadgets, a very nice store, near Beaver Lake. They specialize in Motorcycle electronics, but carry a lot of other goodies too.

Cycle Gadget's shop cat and dog. Both very cute and friendly. The black think is a long hair Chihuahua. The other black think is my foot.

These guys rode their Burgman Scooters down from somewhere in Kansas. One is 76 and the other 82 years old. Real nice guys to talk too.

Vroc'ers in the showroom.

The Crescent Hotel looks about the same as it has for the last 123 years..I can only attest to what it's been like in the last 27 years. That was the first time I was there in 1982.

Advertising their Sunday Buffet. A bunch of us did that a few years ago, we ate and were visited by some of the famous Ghosts.

The front Desk. Much the same as it's been for many years.

There are several sitting rooms in the main lobby.

Over the years, the old hotel has been several different things. The history is very interesting.

Another sitting room

The lower back porch.

View from the back porch

This is the back of the Hotel

Church just down the hill, built by the same architect that built the hotel

One of the garden paths

There are many little benches on the grounds

This fountain is in the area where they have a lot of weddings.

The first site as you enter the property. This is on the very top of a hill overlooking the city of Eureka Springs.

Some bright flowers in the garden

One last shot of the front entry.

Crescent Springs is down below the Hotel.

Natural rock formations. These are abundant in the area.

A Presbyterian church across from the Crescent Spring.

This is one of 3 Libraries the Dale Carnegie had built in the US.

There are several Bath houses in the City.

The next few pictures are of the downtown area.

The little amphitheater in Basin Park. They have musicians perform here every day during the season. I'm sure there will be someone here this weekend.

Right in the heart of Eureka Springs, this is the most famous Spring and Park.

Janie Jackson, the "Hostest with the Mostest" at the Iron Horse Stables.

Six Pack Jack and Randy after a long day in the rain. Jack showed up on his new YELLOW Gold wing.

Bad Bikers. Checking their e-mail, stock market, and other necessary places on their laptops.

Gary, Stewey and Malachi.

Lucky Al, Rem, Waterman and Flamekiller.

Jim Ayers rode his Nomad for this rally.

It's been raining steady all day here in Eureka Springs.

Cheap B rides in on his new VN2000, pulling a Kwik Kamp!

David is a happy man!

Flamekiller and Stewey are having a "camera duel" with me.

Marc's really nice little Kwik Kamp. It's a 1991, a good "Troup" trailer, and is just like new.

Setting up in the rain. I promised him some "helpful hints", and am putting this in here to remind me to find a copy when I get home.

Queen size long, double wide..this was the best size of KK, before they started making then larger.

Phil Jackson, owner of the Iron Horse Stables, and all roung good guy!

Gary, Linda and Mike, staying in out of the rain.

Stewey and Wrong Turn (Jim Ayers) are discussing something, important, I'm sure.

Malachi and Mitch. Mitch down in Rogers, so he'll be commuting to the Rally.

People checking out Gary's new 1700 Voyager. Pretty Bike!

Phil has a rather unusual kick stand on his Harley....

Jack, Randy, and I went to Bubba's BBQ for dinner. Ribs were OK, but not a meal to rave about.

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