Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A fine Colorado morning on the way home. This is on the cut-off between Fort Collins and Laramie, WY. About 7300 feet.

The plows have been keeping the highway clear of snow.

Stopped for breakfast in Laramie. All the cars in the restaurant look like this or worse.

Driving conditions weren't all that wonderful, was glad to be inside a warm car. The wind was very strong up in the mountains.

Miles and miles of Wyoming. All the little antelopes weren't at play today.

Dropping in elevation, and the sky comes out!

I think I'm getting close to Utah!

This little hill has eyes!

34 miles to Evanston, WY, and the Utah border.

Utah. Interstate 84. Just East a ways from the SLC area. And, a little North. (put that in so Utemike didn't have to correct me :-)

Near 3 Islands State Park in Idaho.

It's warmed up into the 80's now. Acres and acres of Idaho potato fields.

Millions of years ago (according to the information poster here) there was an icy river here that formed this canyon. It was draining the ice water from the melting glaciers farther inland, as the Ice Age was melting. There were also large cold lakes in this area.. It's beautiful here along Hwy 20 in Eastern Oregon.

Still about 50 miles East of Bend, OR, btu the 3 Sisters are showing up. They are West of Bend.

Angie, my daughter, with Nathan and Jonathan. Can't believe how much Nate has grown this summer! This is in Bend, OR. Angie had just found out less than an hour before this picture, that they have to make an immediate and permant move to Lincoln City, OR, on the N. Coast. Husband Darren works for Bi-Mart, and is being transferred to the store up there.

Slick must own this eatery.

Sisters, OR is a quaint little Western town.

A flowery balcony in Sisters, taken out the window while driving by.

Mount Washington. Unusual to see this little peak without it being covered with snow. Give it another month! In the high Cascade Mountains now.

Cant's see it well in this picture, but that's 3 fingered Jack mountain off on the horizon.

I was stopped several times today for road construction. They are doing as much as they can before Winter sets in. This is the First day of Fall!

Sahalie Falls, a little ways off highway 20.

The bottom of the falls. Always green, summer and winter here.

Tall trees.

The path to see the falls.

An even taller tree. Walking back to the car. It's been a long trip, will be a little over 2300 miles in 3 days. I added about a hundred extra the first day out, until I changed my mind about the route homw. Still saved over 200 as it turned out, and only had one little snow storm to contend with...I should have stayed with my original plan to got out my favorite road, I-40. There will be another time. This will wrap up the trip blog to Eureka Springs 2009. Hope y'all enjoyed it.

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