Friday, August 28, 2009

Passed dozens of big Log Trucks today. On Hwy 42, I-5, and Hwy 140.

South Central Oregon is farm and cow country. This high pasture in close to Crater Lake.

This church is about the only thing left in this little town. Every time I ride down this road, there are more and more small business closed.

Fields of Klamath Potatoes.

Hey Slammer! In Oregon, we feed our cows "square" meals! :-)

Old Theater in Bly, OR.

Nice little store.

They have a strange way of parking their Quads here in Lakeview.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009. I'm leaving a day earlier than planned. It's a beautiful day, and I'm packed and ready and anxious to get on the road. This Ocean Ridge, Assisted living apartments for Seniors. My first stop on the way out of town, wanted to let my friends George and Kay that I was leaving. They have lived here about 2 weeks now. The destination for me is Eureka Springs, Arkansas, and a side trip up to Branson, Missouri. I've done it for the last 8 years on a motorcycle, this will be the first time driving. There is a VROC "get together" there. Vulcan Riders and Owners Club. We call it "V"-rock.

George is 94, Kay is a young 89. The pictures on the wall are of Ann, Chuck, and George Jr., their children.

It was foggy on Hwy 42 as I drove inland. By the time I got to I-5, it was beautiful. This is a pretty rest area.

I'm on Hwy 140 between Klamath Falls and Lakeview here. I took a lot of pictures today, but had the exposure set wrong by mistake, so I deleted most of them. Will do better tomorrow.

Been in "Cowboy Country" all afternoon. Lots of farms and ranches, and some nice fields of hay and potatoes, etc.

Have stayed here 3 other times. Large King room, nice couch, 2 easy chairs, nice bathroom and all the other ammenities, including refridgerator and microwave. last year I left my insulin here. I called them the next morning, and the owner had it in their personal fridge. I had to buy some at Wal-mart, but picked up the one I left here on the way home. Very nice folks own and operate this place, and it's only $50 a night.

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